Frequently Asked Questions

Why? Why with all the terrible things happening in the world, did you do this bourgeois, escapist, impractical, [insert multisyllabic insult here] thing?


The most honest answer I can give is that I could not not do it. I had a story to tell and this is my medium and format of choice. I have not been untouched by the events of this new century, and I do not suggest playing a game instead of working to make a positive change in the world. This game is for when you take a break from making the world a better place, and instead of sitting and passively absorbing someone else’s idea of a good story, getting together with some friends and making one of your own.

I’m a fire fighter who rides a motorcycle, dates a scientist, and owns a dog, and I think that your descriptions of fire fighters, motorcycles, scientists, and dogs are all wrong.


I tried to describe what I thought were typical fire fighters, motorcycles, scientists, dogs, etc… If you want a more charming than average fire fighter, a more fuel efficient motorcycle, a scientist who knows kung fu, or a smarter than average dog, adjust any description to suit your needs. If you think all fire fighters are more charming than my description, then by all means, make all fire fighters in your story more charming.

Do you realize that you’ve repeatedly made the same punctuation errors throughout every one of your titles?


I’m experimenting with what I call “nested punctuation”.