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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 007. A person in slicked-forward sliver hair, charcoal-grey lips, smoky eye makeup, and a navy jumpsuit, wearing a device wrapped around the ear. The device is projecting holographic images of a graphic user interface and books in mid-air which respond to the waving of the person’s hands.

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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 006. A pale man sitting cross-legged with his feet pulled up to his hips in a manner similar to a yoga pose. He wears a short-sleeved sliver leotard with a wide-scooped neckline, and within that space a large dark chrome amulet hangs from a chain. Some sort of device is wrapped around his right ear.

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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 005. A man with the sides of his head shaved, the rest of his hair styled in corn rows that end in long braids off his back. He wears a one-piece orange and white jump-suit as he floats in mid-air.

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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 004. A red-headed woman in an olive and khaki futuristic pilot’s uniform standing with crossed arms.

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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 003. A black and orange coffin-like box with a large hexagonal window. A sleeping woman floats within, admit the bubbles of a teal colored liquid.

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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 002. A woman in a purple abstract geometric hairstyle, wearing a voluminous translucent purple coat-dress over a pink body suit with a double-belt of golden beads and numerous gold accessories.

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Welcome to the Human Race, Image 001. A mostly-human man in a boxer’s stance, with pointed ears, claws, foot spurs, and long spines coming from his forearms. He wears an orange-and-white athletic shirt and olive military-style trousers tucked into spats that leave exposed the natural weapons on his feet.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 29 Aug 2021 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw051/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Mojo 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw050/ Jones grew up learning there were some things one simply didn’t ask in the Midnight Cabaret, such as how a trick really worked, a performer’s home town, and what Uncle Ernie did on his nights off that sometimes brought him home with bloody knuckles…


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Mojo, Image 001. A stage magician wearing a scarlet tuxedo coat with torn-off sleeves, jeans, boots, and fingerless gloves waves a wand while standing straddled over an upturned red top hat, from which a trail of golden sparks spirals up around him.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 21 Nov 2020 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw050/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Tzitzimitl 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw049/ The peoples of Haven have lived in fear of these creatures for over a thousand years. I was almost eaten in one bite by a Couatl, nearly lost my senses to the last surviving Mind Virus, and came very close to being burned alive with the Unquenchable Fire, all to try to discover the secrets of the Star Demons. Here’s what little I've learned…


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Tzitzimitl, Image 002. A pale, gaunt being with large prominent ribs, legs bearing an extra joint, and a smooth, oval, almost reptilian head with large dark eyes. Hooks poke out of its elbows and leg joints. Each limb ends in four pink rotating thumb-like digits. A long barbed crimson tongue coils in its mouth. Pieces of golden geometric ornamentation float in place over its body: a headdress, ear plug, pectoral, hip guards, and anklet. A sharp golden throwing ring rests in one hand.

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Tzitzimitl, Image 001. A flying white salamander-like creature shoots out a long, crimson, barbed frog-like tongue. It has prominent rib-like structures, pink digits, and is wreathed in a headdress of floating golden triangles. A tiny, grub-like creature with similar coloring and antennae made of golden triangles, floats upside-down by a gold tread.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Fri, 24 May 2019 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw049/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Nyomi Witu 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw047/ As a Ghost Blade Warrior, Nyomi Witu has mastered the ability to summon a Ghost Blade: a meter-long semi- transparent sword of pure mental energy. She can make her particular Ghost Blade appear anywhere … even inside of something, or someone.


PDF (203KB)

Nyomi Witu, Image 001. A leaping woman in tan clothes with violet trim, bearing a white desging around her eye, with a transluscent sword floating above her head.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 31 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw047/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Doctor Fathom 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw046/ She specializes in the study of applied biomimicry, using nature as an inspiration for her engineering designs. Marisol’s best design yet has been the “Fathom” powered deep-sea diving suit. With the suit, she’s been able to venture farther and deeper than most undersea explorers, and with her knack for following her hunches, Mari has discovered creatures of myth and civilizations of legend. So far, Dr. Paz has kept these things out of her papers, satisfied to write only about her engineering work.


PDF (185KB)

Doctor Fathom, Image 002. A woman in a sea-green streamlined diving suit with a violet oval glass helmet and a large dorsal fin running down the length of the suit.

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Doctor Fathom, Image 001. A woman in a sea-green streamlined diving suit with a violet oval glass helmet and a large dorsal fin running down the length of the suit. Behind her float the silhouettes of nurse sharks.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 31 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw046/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Changeling 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw045/ When tested, he was once able to target ten different sheep identified only by numbered ear-tags, each one running in a different direction inside a herd of hundreds, and simultaneously teleport each sheep into a different pen. Young Mr. White can do these sorts of things because he creates, destroys, and manipulates miniature wormholes at will.


PDF (218KB)

Changeling, Image 002. A very young boy in a school uniform.

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Changeling, Image 001. A very young boy in a school uniform, surrounded by orbiting discs.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 30 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw045/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Myriad 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw044/ The reports usually arrive after a sighting of a strange shape-shifting creature, and are on topics as far-ranging as cover-ups of dangerous, badly-designed bridges to connections between port officials and pirates. It is an open secret that several trans-national oil company executives have pooled their resources to put out a bounty on the creature.


PDF (325KB)

Myriad, Image 001. A roughly female shape forming from, and rising out of, a pool of viscous dark grey liquid. Glittering motes collect together randomly across of her surface.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 31 Oct 2012 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw044/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Spinneret 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw043/ …she really doesn’t have much respect for creatures that aren’t her physical or mental equals. She does, however, make exceptions for creatures that she finds interesting, or who can lead her to the interesting items that she enjoys collecting. All other creatures are potential prey.


PDF (312KB)

Spinneret, Image 001. A muscular human-like deep-violet creature with two legs and eight arms, all of which end in three clawed digits. Her beautiful, sculpted face has eight emerald-green eyes that twist along the height of her tall, conical skull. She is adorned with rose-gold bracelets, anklets, and rings on her digits and nose. One hand grips a curved sword, and another holds a throwing star, both made from what appear to be silvery stiffened spider webs.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 09 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw043/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Borzoî 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw042/ In this state, he unconsciously assesses the known capabilities of his opponents, predicts their most likely moves, visualizes the consequences of his potential responses, and calculates his best possible course of action. His mind recalculates all the known variables in an ongoing battle from moment to moment.


PDF (293KB)

Borzoî, Image 001. A man making a high kick.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 15 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw042/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Lyra 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw041/ The worst thing an opponent can do when facing Concordia is give her time to prepare for a fight. With even one turn to spare, Lyra will start casting her best spells on herself.


PDF (404KB)

Lyra, Image 005. A black bear.

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Lyra, Image 004. A silver-grey otter.

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Lyra, Image 003. A snowy owl.

SVG (17KB)


Lyra, Image 002. A blond, fair-skinned woman wearing an orange-dyed leather hooded coat, trousers, gaiters, face mask, and a white silk scarf, whirling in combat wielding a pair of silver-tipped battle staves.

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Lyra, Image 001. A blond, fair-skinned woman wearing an orange-dyed leather hooded coat, trousers, gaiters, face mask, and a white silk scarf, whirling in combat wielding a pair of silver-tipped battle staves. Behind her are a silver-grey otter, a black bear, and a snowy owl.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 13 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw041/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Menace 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw040/ Sophie made a new life for herself among the homeless, squatters, gangs, and anarchists of the urban jungle. In this dangerous world, she found a ready outlet for her rage, and plenty of opportunities to practice using her unusual abilities in life-or-death situations.


PDF (292KB)

Menace, Image 001. A strong, athletic young woman landing from a jump, on one foot; She wears heavy tan boots, dark blue military-style pants with padded knees, a brick-red shirt wrapped around her waist, a white athletic t-shirt, and biker gloves; She sports a blond Mohawk that curls in the front, multiple earrings, and a German eagle shoulder tattoo.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 20 May 2012 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw040/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Fly Me to the Moon 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw039/ Proposed as long ago as 1994 CE by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, this faster-than-light space drive did not become a reality until one was finally forged from dark matter itself … When activated, it wraps the ship in a bubble of space-time that experiences no acceleration, while outside the bubble it warps space in a wave, contracting it ahead of the ship while expanding the space behind it…


PDF (647KB)

Fly Me to the Moon, Image 004. A primitive, boxy spaceship.

SVG (89KB)

PNG (87KB)

Fly Me to the Moon, Image 003. A pair of octagonal airlocks.

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PNG (72KB)

Fly Me to the Moon, Image 002. A container shaped like an octagonal prism.

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PNG (45KB)

Fly Me to the Moon, Image 001. A spherincal device encased in a cage.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 01 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw039/ Ten Thousand Worlds
SureShot 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw038/ …She was long content to play with the tourists of New Orleans, date the locals, and participate in her species’ dominance displays and mating rituals when required. That is, until Hurricane Katrina hit and broke the Mad Ones out of their cells along with many other old monsters. The Mad Ones actually do all the horrible things that all In-betweeners are accused of doing in the old legends…


PDF (365KB)

SureShot, Image 001. A woman in a baggy jacket, tights, and sneakers, leaping into action.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 01 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw038/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Tin Soldier 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw037/ …the garbage crawled over him —and into him. It was a swarm of broken little reject robots, just another piece of poorly stored industrial waste hidden along the gulf coast. They went first for his eye, his legs, even his cell phone, trying to fix him, to upgrade him, then they went for his flesh.


PDF (385KB)

Tin Soldier, Image 001. A man using a metal mask as a shoulder guard, and a sherif’s badge as a belt buckle, aiming a gun.

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tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 01 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw037/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Voodoo Child 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw036/ “When I recovered from nearly drowning in water, unchained otherworldly evil, and magical energy, there was a ghost at my side: Uncle Beau. As I huddled with everyone else in the reeking SuperDome, he slowly told me about how the storm took out more than just the levees, but the magical wards that had kept all kinds of evil locked up in this town. Now that evil was running wild all over the South, and as his heir, it was my job to find those old monsters wherever they hid, bring them back to their cages in New Orleans, and lock them up again.”


PDF (270KB)

Voodoo Child, Image 002. A tall, intricately decorated stoppered bottle made of fused aquamarine glass, metal and bone.

SVG (218KB)

PNG (782KB)

Voodoo Child, Image 001. A woman in a denim jacket and jeans with large hoop earrings, and a guitar slug across her back. Her hair is arranged in corn-rows across much of her head, but then blossoms into an afro towards the back. A glowing pattern of rosy light is forming in front of her outstretched hand.

SVG (482KB)

PNG (994KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Tue, 15 Sep 2020 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw036/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Stray Cat 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw035/ “So now I race down the back roads of the old South in a beat-up ’71 Thunderbird. It has a lot less style than my ’Vette, but between the trunk and the hollowed-out doors, it can pack a lot of ammo. Most days I eat road-house chow; Most nights I sleep in my car. … We gather clues, both mystical and mundane, to the whereabouts of those old monsters, and then we go hunting…”


PDF (356KB)

Stray Cat, Image 001. A man in a leather jacket, driving gloves, dark glasses, and dark jeans, balanced on a tightrope.

SVG (116KB)

PNG (47KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw035/ Ten Thousand Worlds
PotLuck 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw034/ Outsiders visiting Earth will sometimes accidentally leave behind the odd piece of gear; Few such items can be triggered by mere humans, and even less can be activated without harm, but a small number can be used just well enough to cause trouble.


PDF (243KB)

PotLuck, Image 004. A sleek, simple two-handed sword with a guard and pommel that end in spheres, pointing upward. It glows with a golden light Behind it, the glowing silhouettes of eight other swords fall away to both sides in an arc.

SVG (261KB)

PNG (775KB)

PotLuck, Image 003. A small glowing green screen held in a dull grey box-like device on the end of a thick textured handle, topped with glowing green knobby protrusions.

SVG (167KB)

PNG (748KB)

PotLuck, Image 002. A futuristic stubby pistol and a longer rifle of a similar design, crafted from a grey metal and a blue alloy. Both use clear vials of a crimson gel and a golden liquid as their ammunition and its payload. Two replacement vials stand upright nearby.

SVG (216KB)

PNG (730KB)

PotLuck, Image 001. A voluminous fluttering purple cloak lined in emerald green, with a large popped collar and a golden oval clasp set with a pink gem carved into the shape of an abstract feather.

SVG (179KB)

PNG (549KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Tue, 17 Jan 2023 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw034/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Movement 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw033/ The great flying Crystal Ships of the Sidhe … are designed to be strong, to be fast, and to endure all manner of adverse conditions, but despite their honorable showing in the First War of the Falling Stars, they were never meant for combat.


PDF (139KB)

Movement, Image 002. A collection of hexagonal black mirrors bound in silver-grey metal.

SVG (65KB)

PNG (744KB)

Movement, Image 001. A longboat-like vessel floating in mid air, seen head-on. A pair of large graceful fins rise up in the place of sails, and another such fin extends from the bottom. Elegant spikes radiate out from the sides, and delicate tendrils unfurl in all directions.

SVG (243KB)


tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 05 Dec 2022 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw033/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Time Enough 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw032/ Haven dreamed herself. She dreamed herself in many forms. She dreamed her skies and oceans, mountains and valleys. She dreamed parts of herself with their own free will and their own dreams. In short, she dreamed her people…


PDF (260KB)

Time Enough, Image 001. A bronze-skinned man with sharp features and bright green eyes, dressed in a long green robe with a hooded cloak, carrying a small satchel at his side that’s marked with a single rune.

SVG (318KB)

PNG (791KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 10 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw032/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Wild Things 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw031/ The majority of Chimerae live in and around the White Waste, Haven’s largest desert and site of the world’s worst magical catastrophe. … Natural philosopher Marius Thane, who has risked his life to study the Couatl, believes that they await the hatching of the “Paragon”, a being that will lead them in the retaking of Ghost.


PDF (587KB)

Wild Things, Image 005. Looping vines with heart-shaped leaves and three flowers: a small conical bud with petals turned to alternately show their silver or black sides, a large bloom whose petals are folded into an inverted cone showing only their black sides with a single orange-tipped pistil peaking outside, and a wide-open bloom whose outstretched petals fan out to show their mirror-like silver sides and resemble a radar dish.

SVG (201KB)

PNG (776KB)

Wild Things, Image 004. A collection of everyday objects wreathed in wisps of arcane power, whirling through the air to form a roughly human shape: bits of a broken barrel for shoulders and hips; a horseshoe, thimbles, and tools for a left hand; a spiked mace and chain for a right hand; a broken broom and wooden spoon for a right leg; a vase and broken rake for a left leg; an anvil and a stool for a torso; a dented helmet for a head; and everything from mugs to balls to nails completing the shape.

SVG (704KB)

PNG (1.1MB)

Wild Things, Image 003. An elongated, green reptilian face with frills, violet feathers, ivory spikes, a pair of curved-back horns, golden eyes, and a forked pink tongue.

SVG (308KB)

PNG (861KB)

Wild Things, Image 002. An orange downward-facing trumpet-shaped flower, coming out between a pair of light green serrated leaves and a curling vine, with a cluster of deep pink spherical pods poking out from under the white edges of its petals.

SVG (382KB)

PNG (772KB)

Wild Things, Image 001. A creature with the brown upper body and head of a blue-haired man, ram’s horns, the blue-furred legs of a goat, and bat-like wings edged in blue feathers. He grips an elaborate silver staff.

SVG (632MB)

PNG (900KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 08 Nov 2017 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw031/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Land and Sky 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw030/ Some passes come closer than others, so much so that on some crossings, the glowing red crevices cracking its black pearl surface can be seen with by unaided human eyes ... There is evidence to suggest that ages ago, the inhabitants of Ghost were wiped out by an invasion from Antipode.


PDF (23.4MB)

Land and Sky, Image 001. The solar sytem of the world of Haven.

SVG (60KB)

PNG (79KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 01 Nov 2009 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw030/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Humans 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw029/ …these practices hint at the powers that were once possessed by Humans before a planet-wide magical catastrophe changed them forever.


PDF (785KB)

Humans, Image 004. A dozen shields, each in a differnt shape, each covered in a different complex pattern, bearing the names of different Human clans: “Clan Oshi, Clan Atal, Clan Tamarin, Clan Peyoh, Clan Orlando, Clan Beyluq, Clan Nohelvengar, Clan Asan, Clan Valois, Clan Paxton, Clan Harlequin, Clan Batu”.

SVG (1.6MB)

PNG (1.1MB)

Humans, Image 003. A solidly-built farm woman with cinnamon skin and dark curls, in a yellow neckerchief, multilayered blue and yellow dress, faded red apron, and poorly-repaired tan boots, hauling two wooden buckets.

SVG (396KB)

PNG (867KB)

Humans, Image 002. A broad-shouldered red-haired human in a tan tunic, brown vest, and brown boots, holding a shovel in one hand and a tree sapling in the other. A stripe pattern covers the outer panels of his trousers and right shoulder of his vest; The left shoulder has a black-and-white diamond pattern.

SVG (483KB)

PNG (912KB)

Humans, Image 001. A woman wielding a katana-like sword in one hand while using its sheath to parry with the other. She wears a long blue leather coat with silver snaps, metal and leather bracers, overlapping belts, tall blue boots with multiple silver buckles, and trousers with green and white panels separated by a maroon heraldic scallop pattern. Her short honey-brown hair waves about wildly.

SVG (294KB)

PNG (809KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 23 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw029/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Lutins 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw028/ They fearlessly experiment with technology, sometimes just to see what happens. Lutin mages have tried to infuse their machines with magic. Their tinkerers have tried to reverse-engineer alien relics from the Wars of the Fallen Stars. Lutins have developed both steam engines and gun powder. The results of all this tinkering have been mixed, and Lutins haven’t been the only ones who have suffered when their experiments have gone wrong. The easiest way to draw the ire (if not outright hostility) of most other sentient species on Haven is to openly display Lutin technology.


PDF (744KB)

Lutins, Image 005. A squat, upright creature whose tan fur, twin eye-stalks, and pivoting spade-shaped ears poke out from between the plates of a blue-black crab-like suit of armor with a bubble texture. It carries a shield carved to resemble a screaming face, a boot-knife, and a pistol made from the same material as the armor.

SVG (570KB)

PNG (959KB)

Lutins, Image 004. An upright, tan and cream fuzzy being in purple and white robes and gold-tasseled scarves, with an antelope-like head and neck, long lashes around cobalt-blue eyes, large frilled reptilian ears, backward-curving fore-paws, and six green tentacles coming out of its back.

SVG (456KB)

PNG (944KB)

Lutins, Image 003. An upright creature in brown fur resembling some sort of fox or hyena with a row of ivory spikes across the top of its head, cobalt-blue eyes, and sharp ivory teeth and claws. It wears an ear ring, armor on the right shoulder, a bracelet, and a right shin guard —all of which seem to be made out of blue-black bubbles with the occasional face coming through. The creature points a wide-barreled gun, constructed in a similar manner, which resembles a cross between a warthog and a spiny fish.

SVG (1.0MB)

PNG (1.1MB)

Lutins, Image 002. A creature like a tan, long-furred koala with a bat-like face rides a blue-black, four-legged insect-shaped machine; holding a blue-black rifle in its fore-paws and steering with its hind-paws.

SVG (565KB)

PNG (1.3MB)

Lutins, Image 001. A furry, mossy-green humanoid being standing on pale brown cloven hooves and leaning on a gnarled wooden staff, with three fingers and two thumbs on each hand, a heavy chest, bowed back, and an almost feline face. Sandy-colored armored plates protect the head, upper back, and shoulders. Electric green facial markings highlight solid cobalt-blue eyes.

SVG (357KB)

PNG (873KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Fri, 30 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw028/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Wakyambi 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw027/ A warrior who attains vita ngoma ya akili (battle dance mind) is aware of the flow of an entire battle at the same time she notices one minute flaw in an opponent’s defenses, and can anticipate attacks split seconds before they hit.


PDF (544KB)

Wakyambi, Image 005. A translucent, violet faceless figure wrapped in voluminous robes with a pointed, tasseled hood; invisible below the robes’ bottom edge; left hand raised to make an incantation; right hand holding a sword.

SVG (140KB)

PNG (777KB)

Wakyambi, Image 004. A cross-legged man-like being wrapped head-to toe in white bandages. They are interwoven with multicolored ribbons at the right breastbone, left bicep, and left ankle. He hovers above the ground.

SVG (260KB)

PNG (1.3MB)

Wakyambi, Image 003. A woman crouched on a tree branch in a martial pose, one hand upraised to make mystic sign from which a misty dragon shape uncoils itself into the air. She wears elegant copper-brown corn-rows, tall split-toe orange boots, and an asymmetrical orange coat adorned with white magical runes on the sleeves.

SVG (663KB)

PNG (752KB)

Wakyambi, Image 002. A man in mid-leap holding a transparent sword. He wears knee-length white trousers and a green asymmetrical short-sleeved shirt. Silvery facial and forearm tattoos adorn his brown skin, the sides of his head are shaved, and the rest of his hair is styled into long braids which fly out behind him.

SVG (336KB)

PNG (848KB)

Wakyambi, Image 001. A cinnamon-skinned woman with a silvery facial tattoo holding a white parasol, wearing a loosely-draped white pantsuit, golden tunic and split-toe boots, whose tight curls are peaking out the front of her head wrap.

SVG (294KB)

PNG (780KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 22 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw027/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Korobokuru 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw026/ It is within the ability of most educated people on Haven to learn the structure of Koro-go, the Korobokuru language, but about half their vocabulary is incomprehensible to non-Koro. Koro-go has words for colors beyond red, for combinations of magnetic field characteristics beyond just polarity and strength, and for complex emotional interactions. Conversely, the language has few ways to describe deliberate deception, such as lying, because it’s very difficult to do in Koro society.


PDF (557KB)

Korobokuru, Image 003. A stocky warrior in full grey-green armor over brown leather, a conical helmet, and a pectoral full of semi-precious stones in green, blue, and violet; down on one knee; holding a weapon in both hands that consists of a chain with a club on one end and a weight on the other; preparing to make it spin.

SVG (859KB)

PNG (1.0MB)

Korobokuru, Image 002. A woman-like being in a long brown sleeveless coat, white hood, tan veil, baggy sleeves and white trousers, sporting brown boots with upturned, pointed toes. She wears an ornamental pectoral and a badge on her left shoulder, both made from multi-colored semi-precious stones. She strikes a martial arts stance.

SVG (389KB)

PNG (1.3MB)

Korobokuru, Image 001. An older, white-bearded, human-like person with bark-brown skin and copper-brown eyes, sitting cross-legged at a low honey-hued wooden writing bench, holding a long quill in his right hand. He wears a tan conical hat with an upturned brim, a long tan and white coat with silver epaulets that spreads out behind him, a vest with ornate blue closures, and silver pectoral set with semi-precious blue stones.

SVG (410KB)

PNG (1.2MB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 25 May 2017 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw026/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Rakshasas 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw025/ …Even those depicted in the artworks of other species have all been replaced by blank spaces on canvases, gaps in bas-reliefs, and empty lines in songs. Just about everyone on Haven is certain the Rakshasas went extinct during the same magical catastrophe that gave rise to the White Waste.


PDF (242KB)

Rakshasas, Image 001. A crouching human-like figure covered in changing skin tones, sprouting translucent green wings, a violet scorpion tail, long scarlet claws growing from the left hand, and mismatched eyes.

SVG (464KB)

PNG (972KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 23 Jun 2018 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw025/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Sidhe 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw024/ …Some say they are like puppet masters, manipulating world events as they fight decades-long feuds by proxy; Others say they are the secret guardians of Haven, the world’s last defense. One thing is known: to survive the ages, each one had to have become an extremely dangerous being in her own right.


PDF (715KB)

Sidhe, Image 004. A charging violet-skinned warrior holding a shield and spear, in a feathered helmet and green armor adorned with leaf and vine designs.

SVG (527KB)

PNG (914KB)

Sidhe, Image 003. A human-like being with golden skin, long flowing hair, and pointed ears, wearing violet and white clothes decorated in plant motifs, leaping into action while holding a crackling ball of mystic power in one first.

SVG (464KB)

PNG (886KB)

Sidhe, Image 002. A figure in green, almost fully-cloaked, with one arm free, holding a bow. The cloak is embroidered in leaf and vine designs. What little we see of the archer’s skin is an inhuman, frosty white.

SVG (319KB)

PNG (858KB)

Sidhe, Image 001. Approached from behind: a human-like being with pointed ears, a hairless head, and skin the color of new leaves, dusted in a specked pattern across the shoulders, back, and scalp; sitting cross-legged in loose robes; playing a lute-like instrument.

SVG (294KB)

PNG (728KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 26 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw024/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Within Without Beyond 1.1 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw023/ Harmony schools emphasize a rational approach, featuring meditation and the learning of greater self-control. Chaos schools emphasize a more emotional, intuitive approach that features all-night dervishes and self-discovery through powerful experiences.



Within Without Beyond, Image 009. Seven colored ovals with simple ruins and the words “fo, muk, bhum, shui, feng, kung, liu xi”.

SVG (23KB)

PNG (12KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 008. Three discs bearing arrow paterns and the words “within, without, beyond”.

SVG (19KB)


Within Without Beyond, Image 007. Nine hands showing their open palms, each bearing a different mark.

SVG (51KB)

PNG (24KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 006. A circular design featuring nine pairs of open hands, with each pair of palms bearing a different set of marks, seven colored ovals with simple ruins, and three discs bearing arrow paterns.

SVG (110KB)

PNG (132KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 005. A man in a martial arts pose bearing a red tattoo on his shoulder.

SVG (190KB)

PNG (63KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 004. A violet-skinned human-like being with a bald head, pointed ears, glowing eyes, and outstretched hands with glowing marks on each palm.

SVG (77KB)

PNG (42KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 003. A woman crouched on a tree branch in a martial pose, one hand upraised to make mystic sign from which a misty dragon shape uncoils itself into the air.

SVG (171KB)

PNG (71KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 002. A human-like being with ice-white skin covered in blue-black designs, crouching on a tree branch.

SVG (139KB)

PNG (60KB)

Within Without Beyond, Image 001. A large, heavy, leather-bound old book; opened to a yellowed page full of writing and the sketch of a planet; the place saved with a built-in scarlet satin ribbon bookmark.

SVG (26KB)

PNG (11KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 01 Apr 2009 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw023/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Arsenal 2.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw022/ …both the blade and handle will change length to make this weapon the equal of a long knife, swords of various sizes, or a 3 m (10 ft) pole arm, all the while remaining nearly weightless and perfectly balanced…


PDF (424KB)

Arsenal, Image 006. A set of eight crossed magic wands, ranging in style from a simple gnarled branch to one topped dragon’s head to a wand topped by a tulip.

SVG (263KB)

PNG (860KB)

Arsenal, Image 005. An eight-legged machine resembling a cross between a spider and a crab, covered in a blue black metal with a pebble-like texture, and having a face like a tall shield with a viewing slit.

SVG (207KB)

PNG (831KB)

Arsenal, Image 004. A golden club and a spindle attached by a long, looping chain, whirling over a light grey-blue geometric background.

SVG (382KB)

PNG (186KB)

Arsenal, Image 003. The upper body of a martial artist in a fighting stance. His skin, eyes, and hair are all various shades of brown. He wears orange trousers and a white tunic with orange flame designs, and his forearms are wrapped in greenish, organic-looking bracers. One bracer ends in two stiffly-curved vines which hook over his hand like claws; In the other, those vines stretch out and snake forward like two small whips.

SVG (316KB)

PNG (761KB)

Arsenal, Image 002. A mahogany-skinned woman with bright orange robes and a jade ear-clip, sporting several silvery, abstract, geometric tattoos on her shaved head. They are comprised of lines, arcs, dots, and circles. Some curl over her left ear from the back of her hear, others orbit her left eye, and many form a wedge at the top of her skull that points down between her eyes.

SVG (196KB)

PNG (600KB)

Arsenal, Image 001. Three weapons, a long knife, a spear, and a sword, with similar-shaped silver-green blades and handles/shafts/hilts, all in different proportions, all calling to mind parts of plants. They all float above a leaf-shaped green-grey shield.

SVG (57KB)

PNG (263KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Fri, 23 Nov 2018 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw022/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Sara 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw021/ …the underworld can tell you how McLeish earned her nickname. Sara remembers everything you did, including things you did in the dark, things you’d rather forget; and if you disappoint her, Cruel Sara will show it all back to you.


PDF (260KB)

Sara, Image 002. A close-up of a cybernetic right eye highlighting its mechanical details.

SVG (15KB)

PNG (10KB)

Sara, Image 001. A woman dressed in romantic, traditionally male-inspired clothing: riding boots, trousers, a heavily-embroidered waistcoat, plus a frock coat with puffy shoulders and traditionally feminine details. Her left index finger is sheathed in a metal claw. Light projects from her synthetic eyes to form the hologram of a bird in flight.

SVG (157KB)

PNG (66KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 01 Feb 2009 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw021/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Donner 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw020/ Donner once converted all the white marble, granite, and aluminum in the Washington monument into black basalt and iron.


PDF (512KB)

Donner, Image 004. A man with a dark beard, wearing a black suit and white gloves, floating in mid air.

SVG (22KB)

PNG (14KB)

Donner, Image 003. A man with rough, spikey brown hair.

SVG (31KB)

PNG (16KB)

Donner, Image 002. A man with fleshy wings made of skin.

SVG (35KB)

PNG (20KB)

Donner, Image 001. A man with a shaved head, wearing a blue suit.

SVG (75KB)

PNG (43KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 01 Jan 2009 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw020/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Andrew 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw019/ Andrew can see, hear, and smell as well as the best nocturnal predators. On moonlit nights, he sees as much detail as most humans can see during the day. Charters can hear a heartbeat in another room, or isolate a single voice in a crowd. He can remember smells the way other people remember faces.


PDF (416KB)

Andrew, Image 004. A man with a beast-like appearance, including claws and fangs.

SVG (35KB)

PNG (18KB)

Andrew, Image 003. A man in a suit with swept-back hair and claw-marks on one cheek.

SVG (34KB)

PNG (18KB)

Andrew, Image 002. A man in a crumpled hat and vest.

SVG (52KB)

PNG (26KB)

Andrew, Image 001. A man in a dark blue suit and mirrored lenses.

SVG (112KB)

PNG (50KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 01 Dec 2008 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw019/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Byron 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw018/ From a very young age, Byron had realized that he was different from other kids, even though he wasn’t sure how. There was no room in his father’s world for anything other than a “normal” son –a tough, strong, accomplished athlete– so Byron became that, and hid his true nature from his father and everyone else.


PDF (368KB)

Byron, Image 004. A young man with close-cropped hair, running while holding a football.

SVG (27KB)

PNG (15KB)

Byron, Image 003. A stern-looking man with close-cropped hair.

SVG (35KB)

PNG (15KB)

Byron, Image 002. A man wearing a red cap and coach’s whistle.

SVG (32KB)

PNG (17KB)

Byron, Image 001. A husky young man in a yellow shirt.

SVG (98KB)

PNG (47KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 01 Nov 2008 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw018/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Lina 1.1 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw017/ Instead of worrying about how to tell her parents that she wanted to be an artist instead of a veterinarian, she was worrying about how to survive the agents of the Sovereign-hunting Project Rancher.


PDF (460KB)

Lina, Image 005. A young woman in a white blouse and pleated green skirt with a matchign hair ribbon.

SVG (26KB)

PNG (14KB)

Lina, Image 004. An older woman with red earings and a red tasseled scarf.

SVG (48KB)

PNG (24KB)

Lina, Image 003. An older man in a blue suit and red tie.

SVG (34KB)

PNG (19KB)

Lina, Image 002. A young man with long, spiky hair and a denim jacket.

SVG (46KB)

PNG (25KB)

Lina, Image 001. A young man in a red baseball cap and a green t-shirt.

SVG (94KB)

PNG (46KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 01 Oct 2008 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw017/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Nate 1.2 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw016/ Long before the general population had even heard of a Sovereign, his father, Andrew Charters, was working under government contract to build “little machines” that could change people at the genetic level, ostensibly as a medical tool. His father volunteered to test the prototype machines in his own body –and they slowly broke Andrew’s brain. Nate grew up being told that his father had died in a lab accident…


PDF (580KB)

Nate, Image 005. A young man leap-frogging over the top of a chair.

SVG (37KB)

PNG (19KB)

Nate, Image 004. An older woman with olive skin and long brown hair.

SVG (34KB)

PNG (18KB)

Nate, Image 003. A young man with sandy brown hair and a yellow t-shirt.

SVG (27KB)

PNG (16KB)

Nate, Image 002. A young woman with a red bow in her hair.

SVG (33KB)

PNG (17KB)

Nate, Image 001. A young man with blond hair, blue sweater, and a popped white collar.

SVG (84KB)

PNG (47KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 01 Sep 2008 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw016/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Raven 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw015/ …In 1327, Julian of Kent made a pact with an evil from beyond this world and traded away his humanity for immortality. He was taught the principles of magic and the Ritual of Rebirth in exchange for serving the Dark Sires…


PDF (224KB)

Raven, Image 001. A man in dark blue-grey clothes with a crimson scarf, wielding a wooden staff in one hand while shooting sparks from his other hand.

SVG (140KB)

PNG (71KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 01 May 2008 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw015/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Hex 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw014/ At their first way-station … the Order was waiting. Hex and the broken remains of The Saints fought off their pursuers long enough to let the rest of the refugees escape for parts unknown, leaving Helena and her unit stranded on Earth.


PDF (185KB)

Hex, Image 001. A warrior wearing a double-breasted top and jodhpurs in white and maroon with gold piping, high tan boots, and a long tan coat; sporting violet dreadlocks that gather and tumble down her back; wielding twin swords: one white and one black.

SVG (364KB)

PNG (919KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 20 Jun 2020 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw014/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Darchangel 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw013/ “…Somewhere in there sprawling, half over the edge of a dock, watching neon dance on multiplying ripples as bits of my shattered mind tried tumbling back together. Staring into the reflection of a nightmare creature wearing my face and asking: ‘What’s my name?’”


PDF (372KB)

Darchangel, Image 001. A flying man in a long grey coat surrounded by a green and violet winged aura.

SVG (407KB)

PNG (201KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 01 Mar 2008 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw013/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Jajuok 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw012/ …his timely intervention and fast talking bought enough time for a Canadian crew to escape a band of smugglers whom they’d witnessed at work. They didn’t forget that, and their next time in port, offered him a paying job onboard the Ice Princess…


PDF (224KB)

Jajuok, Image 001. A man in a goatee and dreadlocks wearing a gold chain, red shirt, blue cargo pants, and hiking boots. His left hand is wreathed in blue flame as it forms a mystic sign. A flaming blue skull hovers above his upraised right hand.

SVG (154KB)

PNG (87KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Fri, 01 Feb 2008 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw012/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Huntsman 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw011/ “I’ve never forgotten my first sight of a faerie Huntsman, clothed in mist and shadow and rune-covered armor, mounted on a horned beast, pointing a spiral-carved spear right at my nine-year-old heart…”


PDF (240KB)

Huntsman, Image 001. A violin player, behind whom appears a shadowy armored figure.

SVG (134KB)

PNG (103KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Tue, 01 Jan 2008 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw011/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Or et Argent 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw010/ …two flashy engineers who started flying into aerospace shows in gold and silver flying suits to promote their new firm. Everyone just assumed they were male…


PDF (1.2MB)

Or et Argent, Image 002. A silvery-white futuristic space plane.

SVG (14KB)


Or et Argent, Image 001. A woman in futuristic golden armor with a violet-tinted transparent faceplate.

SVG (194KB)

PNG (118KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 01 Dec 2007 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw010/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Hijack 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw009/ Hiram kept his end of the bargain, and even stuck up for them when some rude spring-breakers at Playa del Carmen wanted to use them for dwarf-tossing. They were thankful, saying something about wanting to avoid disintegrating the locals…


PDF (532KB)

Hijack, Image 001. A green and white sea plane decorated with a cartoon iguana, flying just over the waves.

SVG (36KB)

PNG (21KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 01 Nov 2007 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw009/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Snowstorm 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw008/ She also learned about their program for creating mentally enhanced soldiers, for building machines to augment and control psychics, for spinning off from any government program, and for forming an organization to hunt down and train “special” children under the guise of a world-wide charity. It was a lot for a five-year-old to take…


PDF (604KB)

Snowstorm, Image 001. Futuristic violet space armor with short wings and glowing golden lights.

SVG (166KB)

PNG (96KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Mon, 01 Oct 2007 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw008/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Chiaroscuro 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw007/ Lucian Dark can usually pass as fully Human, even though he’s really a hybrid of Human and one of the native lifeforms from the extra-dimensional realm of Susur. In medieval terms, Chiaroscuro is the progeny of an incubus and a witch.


PDF (203KB)

Chiaroscuro, Image 001. A man bearing an elaborate dragon-headed staff. He wears casual contemporary summer clothes that are transitioning into fantastic magical robes. A scar on his right knee twists up and down his leg.

SVG (408KB)

PNG (983KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sat, 25 Jul 2020 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw007/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Puppetiste 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw006/ It took a long time for Laquesha to put it all together, but her psychic abilities are the result of a Creche experiment gone horribly wrong. Her parents, both doctors, met on a UN World Health Organization mission in Kenya…


PDF (612KB)

Puppetiste, Image 001. A clown in corn rows and white makeup, wearing an elegant white confection of an outfit with aquamarine and violet highlights.

SVG (183KB)

PNG (64KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 01 Aug 2007 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw006/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Warhawk 1.0 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw005/ “…Within an hour of blowing the whistle to Jargenson, Keiko had a ‘lab accident’ –seems she fell and hit her head on a giant magnet seven times before dying. I nearly got cooked when a microwave laser ‘misfired’ a centimeter from my scalp…”


PDF (948KB)

Warhawk, Image 001. A man in a leather helmet and goggles wearing a backpack from which sprout mechanical wings.

SVG (82KB)

PNG (49KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 01 Jul 2007 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw005/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Meddler 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw004/ “…One night I’m shooting darts at Terry’s with a few odd short blue-skinned tourist types, when we start buying each others’ shots. We’re all having a grand time, and then one of the little fellows jumps behind the bar and offers to make up a special drink for me. The next thing I remember, Terry’s youngest boy is shaking me awake in the rafters. Seems I flew up there…”


PDF (159KB)

Meddler, Image 001. A chubby man with unkept hair and a three-day blond beard, wearing a large flapping tan coat, flying through the air.

SVG (366KB)

PNG (903KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Tue, 08 Nov 2022 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw004/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Vol Garn 1.1 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw003/ …He has a plush coat of vibrant purple fur, turquoise eyes, ivory teeth and claws, and iridescent feathers that range in color from salmon pink to lemon yellow to turquoise blue. A bright pink nose tops his cat-like muzzle, and the insides of his large, fan-shaped, scalloped ears repeat all the colors in his feathers…


PDF (308KB)

Vol Garn, Image 001. A being with a plush coat of vibrant purple fur, turquoise eyes, ivory teeth and claws, and wings with iridescent feathers that range in color from salmon pink to lemon yellow to turquoise blue. A bright pink nose tops his cat-like muzzle, and the insides of his large, fan-shaped, scalloped ears repeat all the colors in his feathers

SVG (234KB)

PNG (85KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Thu, 03 May 2007 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw003/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Jinx 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw002/ What few outside the Midnight Cabaret realize is that nearly everyone in the show is a war refugee from some faraway magical realm, worlds overrun by evil. Despite leaving their conquered homes and taking human form, the enemies of these survivors sometimes send minions after them; perhaps to thwart future reprisals; perhaps to finish the job. The performers always look for signs of incursions by their old enemies as they travel around the troupe’s new home.


PDF (141KB)

Jinx, Image 001. A woman with an asymmetrical orange hairstyle wearing an updated stage magician’s costume in violets and reds. She holds a white wand in one hand and raises her white top hat with the other. There’s a silvery-white spade painted on her cheek, and one shoulder bears an abstract red tattoo.

SVG (277KB)

PNG (890KB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Sun, 18 Oct 2020 00:00:00 -0500 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw002/ Ten Thousand Worlds
Ten Thousand Worlds 1.5 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw001/ All players, save one, play the roles of the story’s fictional heroes, the Player Characters (PCs for short), and try to “save the day” as the heroes would. The remaining player, the Game Master (or GM) plays the roles of all the other characters they meet: villains, monsters, everyday people and animals; collectively known as Non Player Characters (NPCs). The GM also acts as referee and sets up every new game session, or chapter in the story. Together, everyone's choices shape a collaborative, interactive tale…


PDF (1.7MB)

tenthousandworlds@use.startmail.com (Rodolfo Arredondo) Wed, 01 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0600 https://www.tenthousandworlds.org/titles/ttw001/ Ten Thousand Worlds