Version 2.0, November 2018

This title was designed using an older version of this game, and might need a few minor adjustments to be completely compatible with the latest version.

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Individual Images:

Preview for Arsenal, Image 006. A set of eight crossed magic wands, ranging in style from a simple gnarled branch to one topped dragon’s head to a wand topped by a tulip.

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Preview for Arsenal, Image 005. An eight-legged machine resembling a cross between a spider and a crab, covered in a blue black metal with a pebble-like texture, and having a face like a tall shield with a viewing slit.

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Preview for Arsenal, Image 004. A golden club and a spindle attached by a long, looping chain, whirling over a light grey-blue geometric background.

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Preview for Arsenal, Image 003. The upper body of a martial artist in a fighting stance. His skin, eyes, and hair are all various shades of brown. He wears orange trousers and a white tunic with orange flame designs, and his forearms are wrapped in greenish, organic-looking bracers. One bracer ends in two stiffly-curved vines which hook over his hand like claws; In the other, those vines stretch out and snake forward like two small whips.

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Preview for Arsenal, Image 002. A mahogany-skinned woman with bright orange robes and a jade ear-clip, sporting several silvery, abstract, geometric tattoos on her shaved head. They are comprised of lines, arcs, dots, and circles. Some curl over her left ear from the back of her hear, others orbit her left eye, and many form a wedge at the top of her skull that points down between her eyes.

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Preview for Arsenal, Image 001. Three weapons, a long knife, a spear, and a sword, with similar-shaped silver-green blades and handles/shafts/hilts, all in different proportions, all calling to mind parts of plants. They all float above a leaf-shaped green-grey shield.

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Worlds: Haven

Genres: Fantasy

Resources: Gear