Version 2.0, May 2017

This title was designed using an older version of this game, and might need a few minor adjustments to be completely compatible with the latest version.

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Individual Images:

Preview for Korobokuru, Image 003. A stocky warrior in full grey-green armor over brown leather, a conical helmet, and a pectoral full of semi-precious stones in green, blue, and violet; down on one knee; holding a weapon in both hands that consists of a chain with a club on one end and a weight on the other; preparing to make it spin.

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Preview for Korobokuru, Image 002. A woman-like being in a long brown sleeveless coat, white hood, tan veil, baggy sleeves and white trousers, sporting brown boots with upturned, pointed toes. She wears an ornamental pectoral and a badge on her left shoulder, both made from multi-colored semi-precious stones. She strikes a martial arts stance.

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Preview for Korobokuru, Image 001. An older, white-bearded, human-like person with bark-brown skin and copper-brown eyes, sitting cross-legged at a low honey-hued wooden writing bench, holding a long quill in his right hand. He wears a tan conical hat with an upturned brim, a long tan and white coat with silver epaulets that spreads out behind him, a vest with ornate blue closures, and silver pectoral set with semi-precious blue stones.

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Worlds: Haven

Genres: Fantasy

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