Wild Things

Version 2.0, November 2017

This title was designed using an older version of this game, and might need a few minor adjustments to be completely compatible with the latest version.

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Individual Images:

Preview for Wild Things, Image 005. Looping vines with heart-shaped leaves and three flowers: a small conical bud with petals turned to alternately show their silver or black sides, a large bloom whose petals are folded into an inverted cone showing only their black sides with a single orange-tipped pistil peaking outside, and a wide-open bloom whose outstretched petals fan out to show their mirror-like silver sides and resemble a radar dish.

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Preview for Wild Things, Image 004. A collection of everyday objects wreathed in wisps of arcane power, whirling through the air to form a roughly human shape: bits of a broken barrel for shoulders and hips; a horseshoe, thimbles, and tools for a left hand; a spiked mace and chain for a right hand; a broken broom and wooden spoon for a right leg; a vase and broken rake for a left leg; an anvil and a stool for a torso; a dented helmet for a head; and everything from mugs to balls to nails completing the shape.

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Preview for Wild Things, Image 003. An elongated, green reptilian face with frills, violet feathers, ivory spikes, a pair of curved-back horns, golden eyes, and a forked pink tongue.

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Preview for Wild Things, Image 002. An orange downward-facing trumpet-shaped flower, coming out between a pair of light green serrated leaves and a curling vine, with a cluster of deep pink spherical pods poking out from under the white edges of its petals.

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Preview for Wild Things, Image 001. A creature with the brown upper body and head of a blue-haired man, ram’s horns, the blue-furred legs of a goat, and bat-like wings edged in blue feathers. He grips an elaborate silver staff.

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Worlds: Haven

Genres: Fantasy

Resources: Rules