Version 1.0, May 2019

This title was designed using an older version of this game, and might need a few minor adjustments to be completely compatible with the latest version.

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Individual Images:

Preview for Tzitzimitl, Image 002. A pale, gaunt being with large prominent ribs, legs bearing an extra joint, and a smooth, oval, almost reptilian head with large dark eyes. Hooks poke out of its elbows and leg joints. Each limb ends in four pink rotating thumb-like digits. A long barbed crimson tongue coils in its mouth. Pieces of golden geometric ornamentation float in place over its body: a headdress, ear plug, pectoral, hip guards, and anklet. A sharp golden throwing ring rests in one hand.

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Preview for Tzitzimitl, Image 001. A flying white salamander-like creature shoots out a long, crimson, barbed frog-like tongue. It has prominent rib-like structures, pink digits, and is wreathed in a headdress of floating golden triangles. A tiny, grub-like creature with similar coloring and antennae made of golden triangles, floats upside-down by a gold tread.

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Worlds: Haven

Genres: Fantasy

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